Nov 19, 2013

Nafplio, Greece

 Two hours south of Athens is another coastal town known as Nafplio. Most certainly a place to visit if you have a family or want to indulge in a romantic weekend. This town has tiny winding streets filled with boutiques and cafes, and the center square comes alive at night with diners enjoying fresh seafood and ouzo.

We stayed in a tiny boutique hotel overlooking the coast from a private terrace and on the opposite side we had a view of hilly streets.

During a midday stroll, colorful restaurants and buildings overtake the sidewalks. In between the cafes, there are a handful specialty shops that offer goodies like bee pollen and fresh honey cones.

Each and every building has character in Nafplio.

Vine covered streets.

Boutiques with handmade trinkets and jewelry.

All in blue.

The view from our terrace.

What I wore: Bar III blazer //  Marciano dress //  Aldo sandals.

One of Nafplio's squares with a view of the Palamidi castle overlooking the whole seaport.

During the day, we window shopped through the tiny streets and explored empty beaches. When the sun set, we lounged in the square noshing on horta (dandelion greens), sea bass and Greek salad. After dinner we found intimate lounges with outdoor seating where you could enjoy 'digestifs' like Mastika and Sambuca. 

This is the place to relax, unwind, hike around castles and indulge in local foods and fresh fish. 
 It sure is missed.

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