Dec 13, 2013

Friday Fravorites

 Happy Friday!

This week we stumbled upon tips for gorgeous skin, how to stay cozy this weekend, holiday style tricks and more.

Dec 11, 2013

How To Style a Red Blazer

The search for a red blazer has commenced for about a year, until surprisingly I found a perfectly tailored and slim fit silhouette one at H&M.  From a years worth of hunting and observing, I have found it to be hard to find jackets and blazers that really flatter a body shape instead of giving a shapeless form to your torso.  It was extremely refreshing to finally stumbled upon one at such a popular chain marketed to the masses.

Anyway, red, as some know, is referred to as a power hue and really adds a fiery explosion of color to an outfit. For those who are afraid to stray from their invested black blazer, here is some inspiration for styling one of my favorite colors. 

Dec 2, 2013

At Home: Office Inspiration


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Today we put together some home office inspiration (we are working on our own DIY project coming soon!) to get your creative juices flowing. Right now we are loving white as a wall base, then adding texture and pops of color with unique accents like stacked photo frames and nifty wall decor like jewelry and accessories.

Nov 22, 2013

DIY Inspiration

 When the weather is chilly all I want to do is put on a fuzzy robe, light some candles, play some jazz music and get working on DIY projects for the upcoming holidays. I'm prettyyy sure I'm not alone on this feeling, so enjoy this weeks DIY links to try for yourself or to inspire for other creative avenues.

Nov 19, 2013

Nafplio, Greece

 Two hours south of Athens is another coastal town known as Nafplio. Most certainly a place to visit if you have a family or want to indulge in a romantic weekend. This town has tiny winding streets filled with boutiques and cafes, and the center square comes alive at night with diners enjoying fresh seafood and ouzo.

Nov 13, 2013

CGS Current Beauty Favorites

Fall Beauty Favorites

One of the many reasons I love the transition of seasons this time of year is that the air feels filtered. I can breath in the crisp air AND my skin can breath a bit too! It feels so refreshing not to be sweating and constantly blotting my face in 80+ degree weather like I have been this past summer. Now that the season is changing, my beauty routine is changing as well. I transformed my light and oil absorbing  beauty routine to a hydrating and warm scented ritual.

Here is what I am currently using and why I am hooked:

Nov 12, 2013

Greece: Porto Germeno

One of the excursions we took when I had time off from work was to a hidden and whimsical town called Porto Germeno. After about an hours drive throughout towering mountains, we came across a cliff that overlooked the entire port. 

One word, magnificent.